Surgery Day – Part 2

We finally got to see Kelli tonight, around 7 P.M. They have her in the TCU wing, one step down from ICU. She should hopefully be in a normal room tomorrow. She does have a feeding tube, and oxygen. She couldn’t speak, obviously, so she quickly wrote out her questions and statements on a piece of paper. We told her our stories from the day, our time in the waiting room, letting her know about phone calls from well-wishers.

For the first time to day, I lost it emotionally. Seeing my sis in pain was tough. I feel like I’ve been relatively strong through all of this, but I seriously had to hold back major tears. We are grateful for the outcome of the surgery, it was one of the best scenarios, but it’s still going to be a long road for Kel. The intensity of all of that hit me hard tonight.

Even though she seemed uncomfortable, her spirits still seemed high. She was using her eyes to express her feelings, and by the end of our time with her, scribbling down jokes and sarcastic statements as quick as she could. I read her the many comments from all of her wonderful friends across the nation, on the blog and Facebook. She seemed to really enjoy that.

It was extremely difficult to say goodbye tonight. I’ll fly back to So Cal tomorrow morning, while my parents continue the care-giving here. We weren’t allowed to spend the night in the TCU, so she seemed disappointed with that. It felt a bit like we were abandoning her, as we wearily walked back to our car, both my mom and I pretty teary.

God is good. Today was more than we could have asked or prayed for, a successful surgery.

End of day 1.

On a funny note, there were clowns that came by the waiting room today. Here are some fun pics from us having clown “surgery”!

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  1. lori lynn, so glad that the surgery went well. probably now that you can take a breath you’re overcome with all these feelings and fears. praying for you, your family, and especially kelli’s recovery.

    i’m there to help in anyway you need. love you.

  2. Thanks again Lori-Lynn for keep us posted. Reading this really makes me think about my mom (who I just lost to cancer 7 months ago) and it brings back all those feelings of how it was to see her with the tubes and oxygen and especially having to leave becuz the hospital won’t let you stay the night. So I know exactly how you feel and it’s ok to just let it all out!! It’s so funny too how I can just picture Kelli trying to write as fast as she usually talks, how she does it I don’t know!! 🙂 I hope you have a safe trip back home to your family and thanks again for the update, I’m really glad I got to read it before I went to bed. Good night.

  3. Yes, Thank you for keeping us posted. I waited throughout the day to hear the updates. We will continue to pray for Keli and your family.

    Have a safe trip back! Love you girl!


  4. Thank you Lori-Lynn for keeping us posted. I’m so thankful to hear it was the best potential senario today. I have my whole church down here in So Cal lifting Kelli up in pray and we look forward to the future successful outcomes that are comeing Kelli’s way. Please send her my sincerest love and let her know I can’t wait to come visit when she’s ready for me!

    Much love to you and your family during this time and always.


  5. Our God is Merciful and Mighty! He can slay the vile enemy…FEAR, ANGER, PAIN…..He can comfort the meek… LOVE, PEACE, JOY. Blessed are those whom worship HIM! Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart, Give Thanks to the Holy/Wholly One! Now is the time to lift up our voices in worship and praises! Strength, Power, love and courage to Kel and her entire Family.
    Godspeed her complete healing!

  6. Thank you Lori-Lynn for sharing the details. My heart goes out to your whole family – especially Kelli. I love you all, and you know we are continuing the prayers and lots of love from Fresno.

  7. So happy that the surgery went well and we will be praying for a safe recovery!!! She is such a trooper and I LOVE that her spirits are still so high. I am happy that she has such a loving family to help take care of her!!! She is precious!

  8. “Be still and know that I am God”, Watch for His fingerprints on everything! Embrace the slow pace of your life for this time. Rest in Him and let your body heal and your soul be nourished, Kelli.
    I am praising God for your successful surgery. Thank you Lorilynn for keeping us updated.

  9. I am glad thngs went well for day one. We will continue to pray for God’s hand in each day of Kelli’s recovery and for all of you famiy members who are going through your own pain.

    Love and Hugs to Kelli and all of you.

  10. Praise God! So glad to hear all went well and that Kelli is on the road to recovery. Have a safe trip home to your beautiful family. Each of you remain in my prayers. Linda in So. CA

  11. I’ve been praying so much for Kelli! I was hoping to get an update and so I’m thankful for your Blog 🙂 ill be praying for you too.
    I don’t know how long Kelli will not be able to speak but if she and your parents don’t know some sign language, ill love to teach the basic if they want! I just moved to Auburn a few days ago so just send me an email if they are interested. Would love to help in anyway I can

    God Bless you and your family!

    Ps Kelli, hang in there! I knew you as I was a young girl and I always thought you were cool and smart and loved when you laughed. Keep that up cuz Gods got a wonderful plan

  12. Glad Kellie is doing well so far!! I love the clowns – what a neat way to “distract” (even if for a minute) the families waiting!!!! Thoughts and prayers for continued recovery!

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