Surgery Day – Part 1

We arrived at the hospital at 6 A.M. The Kaiser in Oakland is a maze, lots of hallways, elevators that only go to certain floors, stairways in random places making it interesting to get around. The staff has been amazing already. The nurses, doctors and volunteers very friendly and comforting. Kelli’s team of surgeons are some of the top cancer surgeons in Northern California. We feel very confident in their plan for Kelli. They took her back around 8:15 A.M. to begin surgery, letting us know within 3 hours if it will be the short or long surgery, short being 6-7 hours, long being up to 14 hours. Kelli seemed in good spirits this morning. She was happy to get the process of fighting the cancer going.

The waiting room is filled with many families waiting to hear the news about their loved ones. They have live music, a pianist and someone accompanying him on the trumpet. Amazing how music can soothe the soul, bring peace, and comfort.

At 10:20 we received our first update from the nurse, 2 hours earlier than expected.. They cut the tumor out, and then began reconstructing her tongue. After that, they will start the process of removing lymph nodes to send to pathology. Looks like the shorter surgery, 3-4 more hours. Good news, overall!

15 thoughts

  1. Thank you so much for the update, please continue!! It’s so hard not being able to be there to support her, but just let her know that I am at home thinking about her and hoping for all the best!! How long will she be in the hospital for in Oakland?

  2. Sounds like things are going well…remember prayers are continually being lifted up for Kelli and the entire family! Love you all, Kathy

  3. You were carried with me and lifted up in prayer all day yesterday. I know the process and the waiting room well…my husband has had 3 surgeries at Kaiser Oakland. We will all continue to keep you in our prayers in the Jones home. May God bless you abundantly today and carry you on His wings.

  4. Heartbreaking that you are going through this! We were in Texas just last July at MD Anderson as my father-in-law went through tumor removal surgery. It was hard and I remember sitting in the waiting room just waiting!! He did well with that surgery and it too ended up being shorter than expected! Praying for Kelli and the family as you go through this!

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