Lovin’ Summertime with my Boys!

Popsicles, sunshine, swimming, playing, staying up late and sleeping in; summertime is the best. We are having an absolutely wonderful summer. Taking every minute we can to create wonderful memories together. I think these precious moments become more and more important to me, as the years fly by.

Watching my babies turn into little men right before my eyes, makes me want to hold them so tight, and store up photos of their little chocolate covered faces in my mind.

Oh these precious boys. They light up my life with joy. Each one so special in his own way, completely brilliant, creative, shining with life and love. They are a treasure. I love being able to play with them, laugh with them, tickle them, and chase them!

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to wipe them out, so they sleep like this. 😉

One thought

  1. I just love the pictures. Take as many as you can. Children grow so fast. One day there little and then they want to use the car. But you just need to thank God for your little blessings. God bless marliese xoxo

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