Kelly McGrath Album Photo Shoot

Yesterday was an intensely perfect photography shoot. My sis Emily Rickard and I met up with Kelly McGrath and the rest of her band. Kelly is recording her next album “Heartstrings” and had asked me to do a shoot with the whole band this time. We did our first shoot together almost a year ago, and completely hit it off. I love this crazy country girl! She has become such a great friend, she is a firecracker, makes me laugh, and it totally talented! She has also really helped spread the word about how amazing my hubby Moi is, and we totally appreciate her for that!

I have found a unique little spot in Riverside, that I LOVE to take pictures at. With all of the rain, it looked like a completely different place, tall green grass, gorgeous yellow wildflowers, everything was in bloom all around. The most epic moment of the morning was when they all took their instruments out into this beautiful field and started singing and playing. It would have been a great scene for a music video, but we did our best to capture it all on camera, and I’m pretty proud of what we got. Then we headed over to downtown for a more urban setting. Emily brought along a few lenses that she had rented, which made the shoot even more amazing. I have to say I am now a fan and will be saving my pennies for both the Canon 35mm 1.4 and the Canon 85mm 1.2.

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