The Sivonen’s Home Birth

Moi and I went to college with Mikko and Heidi Sivonen. We spent a lot of time together in the early days, they were dating, we were newlyweds. We gave them all the advice we could, in our wisdom of six months being married. We even sang at their wedding. Then they moved to Finland, Mikko’s home. We have been able to keep in touch via email, FB, etc. They are back in the states for a short time, and while they were here they had baby number 4! Heidi called me several months ago, and asked me if I would consider being a helper at her home birth. I was completely honored and amazed to be a part of this beautiful experience. What a special moment to capture in photographs; Heidi holding her sweet baby girl for the first time, watching as the midwife measured and weighed her, and Mikko cutting the cord. I was in awe the whole evening. Thank you so much Mikko and Heidi, for allowing me to be a part of your lives. I love you both very much. Now introducing, Susannah Sivonen.

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