Sunday Update on Kelli

The doctors have decided to keep Kelli in the hospital until Monday. They didn’t have the proper machinery available to send home with her, that she would need for the feeding tube. Kelli seemed relieved that her hospital stay was extended. She still has several tubes and drains that they will hopefully remove before they send her home. They will remove her stitches, as well. She has been pushing herself to walk the halls several times a day, even though this makes her pretty tired. She is working hard to recover!

Please pray for continual healing. Please pray that Kelli gets the rest she needs. Please pray for the results of the pathology report that she will receive hopefully on Monday, but as late as Friday. Please pray that they are able to remove the feeding tube and drain from her neck before she leaves the hospital on Monday.

One thought

  1. Kelli and your entire family remain in prayer. Surely she will rest comfortably knowing she is surrounded by the best of care at Kaiser during the next few days. I too am a huge Kaiser fan for they cared for me through my cancer surgery last year. Everything is as it’s suppose to be at this time (for nothing is a coincident) so be strong and keep your eyes on God, not on circumstance. He will continue to sustain, strenghten, and care for each of you through this experience. You are all truly blessed to have each other. Thank you for sharing the update. Here’s wishing you a wonderful day with your three handsome men. Linda

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