Creating Cakes

Becca's Baby Shower-7
I had the privilege of working on another cake with Danielle yesterday. We made a 3 tiered baby shower cake for our friend Rebecca. It took us about 10 hours total, between baking the cakes, making the fondant, creating the designs, etc. Our day was made a little more interesting when Cyrus decided to start eating one of the finished tiers that we had left on the table! Our mistake! Luckily, it was in an easy spot that we could cover up. It was hard to stay mad, because he was so proud of himself, and he kept saying over and over “MMMMMMM, Momma, that was good cake!” We couldn’t help but crack up at that!

Danielle started making her own cakes a couple of years ago, and has now started her own company . With each cake she just keeps getting better and better. I am really proud of her for pursuing this business. She is willing to try anything, give her an idea and she will take it and run with it. If you check out her website you will see all of the cool cakes she has already done. We designed this cake from the bedding for Becca’s new baby girl. I love the different colors and textures we were able to come up with. Not only are her cakes amazing looking, but they really taste delicious. Most fondant cakes that I have had, are just nasty tasting, but Danielle makes her own fondant, and it is super yummy. Does this sound like a commercial for Well it is! 🙂 Honestly I am just so ecstatic for Danielle, and really have high hopes for her when it comes to this cake business. You have to check out her website!

We had a really fun day yesterday. We work really well together. I think since we have been friends for so long, we kind of just read each others’ minds on what needs to happen next! It was an amazing way for me to have a creative outlet, and lots of quality time with of one of my best friends! The time goes by fast when you are jabbering away with a wonderful friend. At one point in the afternoon, we both realized we needed to stop and eat because we were both feeling super dizzy, and hadn’t eaten! Time goes fast when you are having fun! Thank D. for letting me be your assistant, I loved it!

Becca's Baby Shower-15

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  1. Thanks for all your encouragement!!! If it hadn’t been for you telling me every time that I can do it, this never would have happened.

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