Rise – SCG Women’s Event Photography

What a joy to be a part of this photo shoot! Seacoast Grace Church is having an awesome Women’s event on March 17th – RISE. Big shout out to Amy Surratt and Autumn Igo for creating the vision of this shoot, Spruce Design for the gorgeous flowers, and all of the beautiful ladies (and some of their kiddos) bringing their A-Game to this photo session! So much fun!lorilynnnavarro-com_1638lorilynnnavarro-com_1639lorilynnnavarro-com_1640lorilynnnavarro-com_1641lorilynnnavarro-com_1642lorilynnnavarro-com_1643lorilynnnavarro-com_1644lorilynnnavarro-com_1645lorilynnnavarro-com_1646lorilynnnavarro-com_1647lorilynnnavarro-com_1648lorilynnnavarro-com_1649lorilynnnavarro-com_1650lorilynnnavarro-com_1651lorilynnnavarro-com_1652lorilynnnavarro-com_1653lorilynnnavarro-com_1654lorilynnnavarro-com_1655lorilynnnavarro-com_1656lorilynnnavarro-com_1657lorilynnnavarro-com_1658lorilynnnavarro-com_1659lorilynnnavarro-com_1660lorilynnnavarro-com_1661lorilynnnavarro-com_1662lorilynnnavarro-com_1663

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