A Shining Star

This sweet girl is a treasure. I loved our time together, she is a shining star, full of life and love. This life has not been easy on this dear one. You wouldn’t know if by her bright smile, though. She has Mitochondrial Disease and every day is a difficult journey. She lost her dear brother to the disease in 2013, and misses him so much. We took some special photos of her with her Tubie Friend, and her brother’s Tubie Friend, as well. Tubie Friends are a stuffed buddy for children who have to have a feeding tube, or additional medical interventions. They can help a child in not be as frightened during new experiences.

It was an honor and a privilege to spend some time with this lovely precious girl. She rocked her Cowgirl hat and boots! I had so much fun chasing her all over the playground, and she had lots of ideas for picture poses!  I’m praying for you sweet one, fight strong.


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