Love Makes a Family – An Adoption Celebration Session

What an honor it has been to capture this family’s story on camera for the last 7 years. I have loved taking their family photos, as they have adopted each precious girl into their family. This adoption journey was special for my family, because my mom was able to travel with Koren to China in April to help bring this baby girl home. We all prayed for this sweet one for many months, and it was such a joy for me to meet her in person, since I had heard so much about her!!

It’s amazing to see the love that they all have for one another. These girls are loved and treasured. The Martinellis wanted to celebrate their most recent adoption with a special photo session in Bodega Bay, a place that they have visited often as a family. It was so much fun getting to capture each of their cute little personalities, and catch them all having so much fun together. Congratulations to the Martinelli family on their sweet baby girl!! She is absolutely adorable!!

2015-08-18_0001 2015-08-18_0002 2015-08-18_0003 2015-08-18_0004 2015-08-18_0005 2015-08-18_0006 2015-08-18_0007 2015-08-18_0008 2015-08-18_0009 2015-08-18_0010 2015-08-18_0011 2015-08-18_0012 2015-08-18_0013 2015-08-18_0014 2015-08-18_0015 2015-08-18_0016 2015-08-18_0017 2015-08-18_0018 2015-08-18_0019 2015-08-18_0020 2015-08-18_0021 2015-08-18_0022 2015-08-18_0023 2015-08-18_0024

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