Sweet Dreams with Baby Ariya – Newborn Session

This sweet baby girl captured my heart during this photo session. She was so smiley and cute, and then on cue fell asleep easily in her momma’s arms so we could do some sleepy-time photos. My favorite moment of the session was while she was sleeping, I looked over at her mom and whispered, “She is SO beautiful!” and a big smile spread across this baby girl’s face, as if to acknowledge my comment in her dream. We cracked up!! It was a priceless photo!! Looking forward to many more sessions with this little doll!

2015-05-05_0010 2015-05-05_0009 2015-05-05_0008 2015-05-05_0007 2015-05-05_0006 2015-05-05_0005 2015-05-05_0004 2015-05-05_0003 2015-05-05_0002 2015-05-05_0001

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