Water Beads and Music Mania – Around the House Musings

With only four days left of school, summer is around the corner. I have enjoyed spending lots of time with my kiddos these last few weeks. We have been so busy with choir performances, end of the year projects and programs, teacher appreciation days, field trips, and soon an elementary school graduation celebration for our oldest. This year has FLOWN by!! The long summer days of no schedule, day trips, beach days, and melting popsicles are calling our name. We can’t wait!!

I can’t help but feel as if time is on fast forward mode, the world around me whizzing by. My oldest will be entering Junior High, the youngest finishing up his first year of Kindergarten. Life goes too fast. I am feeling this urgency to capture every moment, and not waste a single second. Today was one of those days, when I needed to stop and slow time down. It wasn’t a gigantic organized event, just a few precious minutes capturing them doing what they do, in the day to day of normal life. The house is cluttered with their toys, dirty socks, music instruments, books, and backpacks. We spend the afternoon playing and creating, laughing and enjoying one another. A big pot filled with water beads from the Dollar Store provides hours of entertainment to my little one, a 500 piece puzzle is strewn across the table, as my oldest plays music and writes songs to his heart’s content. It’s the little things, the things that often go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of it all, that I’m beginning to treasure more and more every day.















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