My Little Artist

With my oldest at camp this week, my lil’ guy and I are getting some fun quality time together. He has lots of “plans” for us this week, he tells me. I never quite know what that will include, but it’s always an adventure. I wanted to take a few minutes today, just to capture him doing one of his favorite things, drawing fun characters. Both of my boys love to draw cartoons and create stories. I love their imagination, and how they are constantly living in fantasy land. I LOVE his serious attitude in these pics. He is so intense about his creation!

2014-02-24_0001 2014-02-24_0002 2014-02-24_00032014-02-24_0005 2014-02-24_0006 2014-02-24_0007 2014-02-24_0008 2014-02-24_0009 2014-02-24_0010 2014-02-24_0011 2014-02-24_0012 2014-02-24_0013 2014-02-24_0015 2014-02-24_0016 2014-02-24_0017 2014-02-24_0018 2014-02-24_0019 2014-02-24_0004

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