My Favorite Family Photo

The children were not cooperating, but crying and complaining. It would be dark soon. It was freezing and everyone was unhappy. No one had a tripod, so we propped the camera up in a tree, set the timer, and ran. Against all odds, we made this family photo happen. No one knew the importance of this photo on that day. It’s not a perfect photo, but it’s a moment. A memory that is now set forever in time, and no one can take it away. On day’s like this one, when I am missing her so, I treasure that we took the time to make this happen. It has been my personal Facebook cover photo for the last 9 and 1/2 months. I can’t seem to change it, so I’m not going to. The matriarch of our family, 4 days after being diagnosed with lung cancer, quickly and quietly slipped away, in her true southern-belle fashion, and our lives are forever changed. My entire family is missing her so, from my grandfather, her true love of 66 years, to my 6 year old boy, her great-grandson, who speaks of her often, and all of us in-between. The holidays have brought about an even deeper sense of loss, because so much of what Christmas was to our family, had to do with her. She created so many of our traditions, and in her sweet, subtle ways shined with love and grace. My grandfather was talking about her on Thanksgiving, and I loved what he had to say. “She was a true lady of character, faithfulness, love, and grace.”

So this Christmas season, I am grateful for this photo. This beautiful, imperfect, favorite family photo.

untitled shoot-0593

One thought

  1. I think this picture is perfect, Lori-Lynn, and when I see it now it makes me cry. You are so very blessed to have had Eileen as your grandmother. The things you say about her are so very, very true! Thank you for sharing the picture with us! She was very much loved! Our loss is heaven’s gain…

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