Philip and Kelli Engagement Session – Part 1

This has got to be hands down one of the most precious and emotional engagement sessions I have ever done. I have been sitting here bawling my eyes out as I edit these photos. Only a few years ago, time seemed to stand still as I watched my baby sister suffer through cancer, not knowing if it was going to take her from us. Surgery and radiation ravaged her body, yet she stood strong and fought the battle head on, like she has in so many other circumstances in her life. She is a fighter. Words cannot describe the joy it brings my heart to see a man come alongside her, someone to travel this life with, someone we have prayed for for many years. To watch the two of them is so much fun. I tease her that they are completely “twitterpated.” You can tell by the photos they are quite enamored with one another. So I introduce you to the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Mosley.

2 thoughts

    • Great job catching some special moments between two special people, Lori-Lynn. Feels like I was there! Almost. So glad we got to see all of you and meet Philip. So appreciate your words of testimony about Kelli’s determination and resilience and God’s faithfulness.

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