We are visiting my parents for a few weeks in Northern California. I always look forward to my time here. Lots of help from grandma and grandpa means that I can relax a little bit, sleep in some, and have help with homeschooling Mo and wrestling with Cy. I have definitely become a city girl over the years, but as my new favorite song says “We’ve all got a hillbilly bone down deep inside no matter where you from you just can’t hide it.” When I come here there’s something in me that just breathes a deep sigh, ahh. I can escape from the business, the chaos, no traffic. No cell reception. Clean fresh air. Trees. Birds. Deer. All kinds of crazy creatures that wander around. As a kid I couldn’t wait to get off this mountain, but now I have this deep appreciation for it, and I miss it sometimes.

Last night after dinner we took the boys on a walk around the property. It’s amazing to me how little boys immediately become ferocious warriors, leaders, adventurers, MANLY men. We begin our journey into the “jungle” as Cy put it, looking out for tigers and “bad guys”, each with a weapon in hand. The bigger the stick the better, tossing the small ones and upgrading if they found a better one. They argued over who was the leader, “Follow me” “No! Follow me!” Dirt, acorns, frogs, leaves, this was the best adventure ever!

2 thoughts

  1. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the pictures and did you ever capture the essence of the boys in your story! So glad you’re having a wonderful family time! Smooches for all 🙂 See you soon!

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