Matt and Amanda Couple Maternity Session

Amanda and I did her maternity photo session about a month ago. Matt and Amanda really wanted to have some maternity shots of the two of them together. I met them at their house, and we headed to downtown Redlands. We took some great shots there, and then decided to change up the vibe, last minute. We headed back to their house for a wardrobe change and a change of scenery. Their backyard was so gorgeous, and it ended up being the perfect location for their couple session. These two are so excited about this baby. I have been very impressed by how much they have prepared themselves for the arrival of their son, not just by getting all the things you need for a new baby, but by preparing their hearts. They have put so much thought into the type of parents they want to be, and how they want to parent their son. This little guy is going to be very blessed to have Matt and Amanda as parents. They are going to do a great job! I have to admit, I can’t wait until he gets here so I can snuggle with him, too!

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