Amanda Quillen is having a baby.

Amanda Q is one of my besties. She is one of THOSE friends. The one who has seen me at my absolute worst, and at my very best. She encourages me to be a better person, but doesn’t look down on me when I need to vent. She has wiped my children’s boogers when they were sick, she has listened to me cry when I felt overwhelmed by them, and she has been there by my side helping me with both of my little guys for many years, now. So when she and her hubby, Matt, announced that they were having a baby, Moi and I were ecstatic. It has been my joy and honor to be a part of this as new little one’s life, so far. I was overjoyed when they asked if I would like to be there for their ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. These two couldn’t be more excited about their little guy. They are going to be GREAT parents. I am looking forward to his arrival in July, and feel so privileged that I will get to be a part of the birth, as well. These two are more than friends, they are family, and we can’t wait to meet the newest member.

Amanda and I headed out to what has become one of my favorite picture spots in Riverside. We timed it just right for the sunset shots. What you don’t see in these pictures, is that I had my own little guys with us that night. They had an absolute blast climbing rocks, sword fighting with sticks, and running through the weeds. We made it right up to the very end of the shoot with no injuries, and then as we were walking back to the car “BAM”, Mo hit Cy in the head with his stick. All was well, though. Here are a few pics of them I was able to snap, as well. Moses was giving me his Star Wars Jedi moves, and Cy was trying really hard to not smile or look at the camera.

Amanda just shines in these photos. You can tell she is really enjoying being pregnant, and is absolutely glowing in anticipation to be a momma. I love that we were able to capture her joy in these photos. It hasn’t been an easy pregnancy, there have been highs and lows, but in many of these photos she has a look that says, “It is worth it all”. There is something that changes in you when you have a baby, when you become a mother, and Amanda has it written all over her face. She is going to make an amazing one.

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