2010 Christmas Season

December went by SO fast this year! I am finally getting around to posting some of the pictures from the Christmas season. Decorating the tree was quite the experience this year. It ended with melt-downs and early bedtime for all. I did manage to get a few pictures before all of that though that made it all look quite fairy-tale”esque”.

Moses had a Christmas performance at school this year. He was so adorable, just beaming as he sang. His job was to hold up one of the signs. He was very proud of that! I just loved watching him sing, like he was made for it. Hmmm, wonder where he gets that from? 😉

We spent Christmas Eve with Moi’s family, along with our wonderful friends the Quillens, and Joseph. We had a fabulous dinner with SO much food, especially our favorite tamales!! We all stayed up until 4 A.M., opening presents, singing, laughing, until we finally were exhausted!! What a fun evening!

We celebrated Christmas with my family on the 27th. It was a very emotional Christmas this year, tears were shed often while we were opening presents. This year is special. It has been a rough year with my sister’s cancer, and we were all so grateful for God’s blessings, her health, her cancer treatment successful. We were so happy to all be together.

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