Playing with Lights

Moi Navarro, originally uploaded by Lori-Lynn Navarro.

I was given some amazing lighting and backdrops several months ago. I’ve been so crazy busy, I hadn’t even had time to pull it all out of the boxes that it arrived in. Yesterday, was an exhausting day. I began potty training our youngest, so most of my day was spend changing him, and hanging out on the bathroom floor waiting for him to “go”. At the end of the day, my list of “to-do’s” seemed a mile long, but I was really needing some creative time. Even as tired as I was, I pulled out all of the boxes and started putting everything together. My hubby, Moi, got home in the middle of it all, and helped me put the rest of it together. We set up a little studio in the living room, and began to play!! Here is my favorite shot of the night. I’m super excited to have this lighting rig. Seriously, a gift from God. Plus, we can do our own promo shoots for Moi right in our living room! Can’t get any better than that!

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