Gramps’ Garden

As long as I can remember, my Grandpa has had a garden. His tomatoes are his prized beauties, his green beans he handles with care. Corn, squash, zucchini, peppers, berries, he has grown it all. My grandma has canned and preserved his home-grown veggies and jams for years. Gramps’ garden is his place of sanctuary, a place where he can reflect and take time from the hustle and bustle. My mom and dad have pictures of me, my bro and sis, and cousin helping Gramps in the garden when we were just little tikes. I love that my boys now have the experience to help in the garden with their great-grandpa, to get advice from the great gardener himself, and just to soak up the love that Gramps so easily gives. I love my grandpa, and I love that my boys love him so much, too.

August 2010

Moses in Gramps’ Garden in September 2005

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One thought

  1. You are so very blessed to have been raised in an amazing environment, surrounded by such beauty and love. How wonderful it is that you can share these priceless times with the boys. You are all very blessed 🙂 Love you all, Linda (Love the pics!)

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