Moses is 5!

My baby turned 5 yesterday! I seriously can’t remember what life was like before kids. Moses has brought an enormous amount of joy into my life. He has taught me to love life to the fullest, that the little things are what are important, and to never stop asking questions! He loves to learn, to create, to discover, to imagine, to play, to talk (oh can this boy talk)! He is now a “big boy”, 5 years old, becoming self-sufficient, “I can do it myself” is his new favorite phrase. He is so proud of himself when he accomplishes new things! Moses pushes my buttons like none other, he thinks about life so differently than I do, but it’s good. He stretches me, I’ve learned to have patience with him, and I’ve also learned that I need to have more patience, as well. I love this little boy, and I thank God for his life. I’m so excited to see who and what he is going to be! He has so much of his dad in him. His sparkling personality, his charisma, his joy, his kindness, his love for people, I love that.

This has been a different year for him. He has had to learn to share his life, mom and dad, with his brother. He has done a terrific job. He is a wonderful big brother, sometimes to wonderful and loves to smother him! :). I love watching them as they grow into the brothers that they will be forever, the bond that they have, they are learning to play together, and Moses already plays both roles that a big brother plays, protector, and bugger! 

Happy Birthday my little love!

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  1. hey girl, sorry I have not read in a while. The whole password blogs throw me off because the rss does not catch them. Anyways I can’t believe his is five. For some reason I just think of him as younger. And him carrying around his “knockers” I miss you guys. H

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