Imaginary Friends Gone Too Far!

Moses has the greatest imagination. I never know from one day to the next which character he is going to be, or which one I will have to play either (I always get assigned some role – for weeks I was Princess Jasmine.). From Pinocchio, to Buzz Light Year, Aladdin, Captain Jack Sparrow, or even David and the Giant, His imaginary play is very involved. A few days ago, he held up the phone to “Jiminy Cricket” so that he could talk to Grandma and Grandpa. We were driving to a show the other day, and he said, “Mom, Dad, we have to go back. We left Aboo (Monkey from Aladdin) at the hotel. We gotta go back and get him.” Today, when I went to pick him up from the church we played at, the teacher asked me, “His name is Moses, right? When I called him Moses he just kept telling me that he wasn’t Moses, his name was Pinnochio! Then he started screaming at the little girl who sat on Jiminy Cricket!” Moses and I had a little talk after church, and I let him know that from now on, he has to be Moses when he goes to church, he can pretend to be other characters only with Mom and Dad. He responded with “I can’t hear you mom!” Oh this boy, he sure does make life interesting!

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One thought

  1. Hey girl! I hope that Jiminy Cricket is ok after that little girl sat on him. I’m sorry you have to teach him this. It may take a while. I know you can make it Princess Jasmine.

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