Christmas at SCG

I love getting to photograph the Christmas services at our church every year! It is one of my favorite things I look forward to! The entire team always works so hard to put together an amazing service. Here are some of my favorite moments from the 6 services!

Sunset by the Seashore – Family Session

This was a magical evening. The sun shone brightly and danced around this gorgeous family as they played together at the beach. We captured some epic moments, a beautiful mother laughing with her children, sweet siblings running from the waves, and the oldest pensively taking the whole thing in. I am so grateful for sessions …

Big Family Photo Session at the Beach

Getting the entire family together for a photo session is such a gift. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, magical moments take place. I love the playful moments we captured in this session, laughing, being silly, running from the waves, there are some treasures that were taken in this hour span of …

Kyle and Taylor’s Wedding Day

Kyle and Taylor’s wedding was everything a summer wedding should be. Beautiful warm sunlight, a touching candle-lit ceremony in a little white chapel at the Sea Coast Grace Seal Beach campus, and a fun and unique reception with so many sweet details. They had In ‘N’ Out for dinner,  a huge favorite for the guests, …

Sunset Session with the Marquez Family

I’ve really enjoyed all of the amazing beach photo sessions this summer. My last Sunset Mini Session was with the Marquez Family. They are pros now at taking pics, since we’ve done several sessions together. I enjoyed catching the three of them just hanging out and being the cute family that they are!