Edgar & Jannette – The Reception

Jannette, a photo of your baby, just for you! šŸ™‚ What a fun party these two had, including a crazy game of musical chairs and “The Newlywed Game”! It was a gorgeous reception, and the couple’s first dance was simply stunning as the sun set behind them.

Edgar & Jannette – The Ceremony

I am so grateful for my partner in crime, Emily Rickard. I love working with my sister, and doing what we love to do!! Plus, I think we make a pretty good team! The emotions captured in these ceremony photos are priceless. The anticipation of the groom waiting for his bride. The tears shed as …

Edgar & Jannette – Getting Ready

The bride’s room was filled with excitement as everyone got ready for the special day. One of the junior bridesmaids, cried out in astonishment as everyone laughed, “Why are we all wearing the same dress?” Jannette radiated with joy as she prepared for her wedding day, alongside so many loved ones.